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Team Suhl Chin & Bobbi Levenson

Offering superlative customer service and results to Bay Area real estate clients

With over 30 years of San Francisco real estate experience between them, Suhl and Bobbi have fused their diverse skills and talents to bring high-energy domain expertise, focused commitment, and good-humored patience to their clients 24/7. Through their vast network of vendors, colleagues and professionals, they work tirelessly to win success for their clients – from core research through tough negotiations and post-deal details.

Their simpatico sparked the first time they worked with one another, and grew through several years of collaboration. “We're not peas in a pod; we have different strengths, and they combine in really effective ways,” says Bobbi. Suhl loves that their complementary skill-sets add tremendous value to clients: “We offer virtually 24/7-TLC service. It's really a win­win.” Suhl and Bobbi have grown into a team you want on your side in the pell­mell of Bay Area real estate.

Bobbi Levenson


Creative, positive and persistent, Bobbi Levenson is a true advocate for her clients. Bobbi is often praised for her ability to connect and her open communicative style, which helps ensure a stress-free experience. With an education and background ...


Suhl Chin


Suhl's great people skills, pragmatic problem solving and detail orientation keep her in high demand. She is a skilled communicator and negotiator who has the savvy to guide you through the toughest deals. The high level of repeat clients and ...