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Blog Archives: January 2017 — December 2017

February 2017 Real Estate Insights

February 23, 2017
SFR Median Sales Price: $1,250,000 SFR Average Days on Market: 49 Total Units Sold: 234 SFR % List Price Received: 107% In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of San Francisco real estate, reviewing yearly market trends with monthly breakdowns is the most viable way of staying on top of the market. Monitoring yearly data enables buyers and sellers to fully understand where the market has been and where it is going. For January 2016 to January 2017, all of the numbers indicate that appreciation of San Francisco real estate has topped ...

Here's what it's like to buy a first home in San Francisco, one of the world's most competitive real-estate markets

February 23, 2017
The housing market in San Francisco is red hot, with property values shooting through the roof year after year. The median home price in San Francisco proper is just over $1.1 million, according to Zillow. That's great news if you're a homeowner. It's less great if you're trying to buy your first house. In San Francisco. At age 28. With significantly less than $1.1 million in the bank. Here's how my girlfriend and I navigated San Francisco's insane housing market to find a home — and get out of San Francisco's crazy rental market....

January Real Estate Update (2016 recap)

February 08, 2017
Zephyr Real Estate
SFR Median Sales Price: $1,350,000 SFR Avg. Days on Market: 36 Total Units Sold: 1301 SFR % List Price Received: 108% Our monthly Real Estate Insights monitors sales trends which are essential to staying on top of the market. Our Quarterly Review, highlighting trends from the past three years, allows us to both understand the current market in a broader context and gives us a sense of where it is headed. With this in mind, our Quarterly Review shows home sales continue the trend we have seen in previous quarters, with fewer sales than last ...

Meet the Agent: Suhl Chin

February 06, 2017
Congratulations to Suhl Chin. She will be celebrating 9 Years at Zephyr Real Estate and is based at our Noe Valley Office. Get to know her better as we go behind the scenes to learn more about her favorite spots and life as a Realtor. At what moment did you know that this was the career for you? When I realized I didn’t have to sit behind a desk all day, that’s when I realized real estate was the career for me. Favorite Brewery/Restaurant in SF? I love the Crafty Fox Ale House because they have great craft beers, and State Bird ...

How to buy a home in San Francisco's completely insane housing market

January 24, 2017
No two ways around it, San Francisco is in the midst of a housing crisis. It's hard to find an apartment that's even approaching affordable, as the average rent for a one-bedroom is over $3,500. It can be tempting for many to get out of that market and get into homeownership. But that's even harder, with an estimated 57% of all homes in the San Francisco Bay Area worth $1 million or more. To get more insight into how to navigate the insane San Francisco housing market, I talked to Zephyr Real Estate's Suhl Chin, an 18-year Bay Area real ...

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